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La División Industrial de Curtiss-Wright, que incluye las marcas heredadas de Arens Controls, Penny & Giles, PG Drives Technology y Williams Controls, es un excelente proveedor en el suministro de componentes y subsistemas que permiten soluciones específicas del cliente para vehículos dentro y fuera de la carretera. . Estos incluyen camiones, autobuses y autocares de servicio mediano y pesado, vehículos agrícolas y de construcción, manejo de materiales y otros vehículos especiales, así como sillas de ruedas y scooters sofisticados para movilidad médica.

Somos un excelente proveedor de controles de aceleración electrónicos, palancas de cambio de transmisión y sensores para equipos comerciales fuera de carretera y camiones pesados, lo que ayuda a abordar la tendencia a largo plazo de lograr una mayor eficiencia de combustible y menores emisiones. También suministramos controles de operador y controladores de motor avanzados para vehículos híbridos y eléctricos, como autobuses, carretillas elevadoras, apiladores, sillas de ruedas y sillas de rehabilitación.

Con un orgulloso legado que abarca más de 95 años, Curtiss-Wright es una empresa global innovadora que ofrece productos y servicios de funciones críticas de alta ingeniería para los mercados comerciales, industriales, de defensa y energéticos. Sobre la base de la herencia de Glenn Curtiss y los hermanos Wright, tenemos una larga tradición de brindar soluciones confiables a través de relaciones confiables con los clientes.

Los productos de Arens Controls comprenden componentes de transmisión de última generación, como cambios de transmisión mecánicos y 'por cable', así como sistemas de control electrónico para el mercado de Electrónica Híbrida (HEV).

CAN Actuator


Global Strip Switch Shifter

The GSS-CAN is suitable for applications requiring high reliability, vibration/shock resistance and EMC protection.


3 or 4 Button Vertical & Horizontal snap in mounting
Soft elastomeric buttons for positive tactile feedback
Redundant non-contact high cycle life switching
J1939 Protocol CAN output
Dual color backlighting for visual confirmation of valid button selection:
White night-time illumination
Green tell-tale button selection indication
Validation per ISO16750, ISO7637, ISO10605, ISO11452, CISPR25 for rugged robust commercial vehicle requirements needing high reliability, vibration/shock resistance, and EMC protection
IP67 sealing for environments demanding dust/moisture protection
Neutral rim tactile identification to maintain driver’s eyes on the road
Customization available – Software & button graphics

Shift-by-Wire System

The Curtiss-Wright Shift-by-Wire system combines advanced solid-state, electronic, pushbutton shift systems with transmission actuators.

Shift By Wire allows Vehicle OEMs to integrate more than just transmission shifting into a single controller. Six Input and Two Output connections give Vehicle OEMs unprecedented control over auxiliary systems while improving operator efficiency.

Currently manufactured for several OEMs including Allison, Eaton, CAT and Komatsu, our Shift By Wire Actuators are adapable to the application and can be directly installed horizontally or vertically on the Transmission or remotely if required.

CAN J1939 Communications are standard on the Shift By Wire System, streamlining integration into the vehicle architecture.

Up to seven buttons are available on the Shift By Wire Controller, giving vehicle OEMs a wide range of control over Transmission or ancillary functions. The MODE Buttons gives direct control over critical functions including a Power Take Off from the truck engine.


By-Wire - Shift Selectors

Pushbutton shift control designed to integrate multiple system interlocks for applications on school buses, recreational vehicles and other commercial, on-highway vehicles.

Designed for use with Allison, Eaton, ZF, CAT, GM and Ford transmissions
Can be programmed to interface with vehicle safety systems or other components through the vehicle CAN system
Several styles and mounting configurations available
Conventional dash-mounted, electro-mechanical shifter designed for medium- and heavy-truck applications.

Designed to minimize mounting footprint
Can be dash-mounted, or mounted on a console or other surface
Can be programmed to interface with vehicle safety systems
Dual lever control designed for dump truck or off-highway vehicle applications with multi-function shift control and separate dump body control.

Additional electronic control function can be integrated into the by-wire shift selector
Separate controls operate auxiliary vehicle components such as dump bodies
Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue

CAN Pushbutton Shift Selector

Engineers can select from a wide range of options designed to compliment the units' many standard features resulting in enhanced vehicle performance and overall operator control.

These shifters can also be integrated with external auxiliary shifters to enable multiple shifting options (such as a secondary shifter found in a second vehicle cab like a ladder fire truck, on the other side the same cab like a postal vehicle, or in a people lift bucket on a utility truck) or multiple locations for the primary driver (such as a paddle shifter mounted to the steering column) in addition to the primary shifter mounted on the dash.

T80 Series Transmission Shifter

The compact, space-saving design contains many features required in modern vehicles including heavy-duty mining and aggregate vehicles.

The T80 is built to work individually or in multiple lever assemblies in applications where an auxiliary system is traditionally mounted next to the transmissions shifter. This shifter is ideal for articulated mining trucks and vocational On-Highway trucks as well as other non-traditional Construction and Agricultural vehicles that require an Electronic Transmission Shifter and a hoist/dump control.

The T80 is designed with CAN Communication capability, allowing it to easily connect into the electronic architecture. Other output signals can be specified as required by Vehicle OEMs.

Customizable handles are available based on the Vehicle OEM requirements. Optional pushbutton switches can be fitted into the handle as required.


Transmission Specific - Shift Selectors

We have developed the most popular pushbutton shifters for Automatic and Automated Manual Transmissions used in Medium & Heavy-Duty vehicles around the world.

Our Pushbutton Shifters feature our industry-leading switch module which delivers exceptional durability and tactile feel. We use a short plunger assembly underneath the overlay, so no matter where on the surface of the switch a person presses, dead-center or off-center, the tactile feel is the same. Our proprietary Aging Cycle Test ensures that the switch never loses the tactile ratio and tactile feel over millions of actuations, giving our controls legendary durability and longevity in the field.


T75 - Manual Transmission Shifter

The T75 is designed for the Allison 1000, 2000 and 2400 Series Transmissions, but may be adapted for use with other transmission manufacturers. Its ergonomic handle has an easily accessible, optional mode switch and the shift lever is positively detented in each position to prevent an inadvertent shift.

The force required to move the lever from park position is significantly lower due to innovative cable actuation geometry. A strategically angled display provides greater visibility to the operator for both dashboard and console mounted controls. A variety of options are available for even more flexibility of fit and function.


Side or top Mount
Display indicator
Handle logo
Mode switch
LED indicator
Park and/or neutral lock
Right- or left-handed Shifter
Wiring harness
Transmission connector kits

T83 - Manual Transmission Shifter

The compact, space-saving design contains many features required in modern vehicles, while easily fitting into existing Medium-Duty Truck and School Bus designs.

The T83 is manufactured to the highest standards, encompassing simplicity and commonality of components. It can be adapted to fit specific applications and environments with a number of design and electrical options. It is an economical, reliable and adaptable solution for vehicle OEMs that use Mechanically Actuated Automatic Transmissions.

The T83 features customizable handles, allowing Vehicle OEMs to select a rugged transmission shifter with exceptional functionality that complements their dashboard design. In addition, the T83 display can be modified to reflect different transmission points required by the vehicle application.

The T83 Shifter is designed for all brands of Mechanically Actuated Automatic Transmissions equipped with an external Shift Shaft used on Medium-Duty Trucks and Buses.

Los productos de Williams Controls comprenden controles de aceleración electrónicos, hidráulicos y neumáticos, joysticks configurables, sistemas de pedales ajustables, sensores, controles manuales y sistemas para usar en todo tipo de vehículos comerciales.

WM526 - Electronic Floor Pedal, Heavy Duty

The unit is equipped with a Hall-effect non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). In addition, the unit can be customized with contact or PWM output sensors.

The WM-526 provides a robust design with a corrosion resistant cast aluminum treadle and a coated steel base plate. The pedal is available in three treadle angles: 28.5°, 35°, and 45°. The treadle is supplied with a rubber cover for improved foot traction.

Hall-Effect Rocker Pedal - WM575

The WM-575 Hall-Effect Rocker Pedal is built for the demanding off-highway environment. Its robust design is extremely durable and exhibits outstanding performance for open cab applications.

The design of the WM-575 allows programming of the sensor on the rocker pedal to achieve a highly accurate output. The sensor provides a ratiometric signal that is interpreted by the vehicle controller. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMC resistant (SAE J1113). The Hall Effect Pedal is floor mounted and designed for fore and aft movement. It has a rubber cover for foot traction and is made out of a corrosion resistant coated metal. The product can be customized for side-to-side movement.


14° ± 2° Angular Rotation, Fore & Aft
FMVSS 124 and 302 compliant
-40°C to + 85°C Operation
+ 5V Operation
Electronics IP67 Sealed
Dual Ratiometric APS Output
Independent, Isolated APS Circuits
Protected against Electrical Misconnection
Metripak 150-series compatible connector
Non Contact Sensor
Highly EMI Resistant
Black Coated Steel Base and Treadle
Chromate Conversion Module Components

WM540 - Electronic Suspended Pedal

The WM-540 electronic suspended pedal is firewall mounted and designed to provide an electrical signal to an engine control module in response to the operator's demand for engine power. The WM-540 is equipped with a Hall-effect, non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). In addition, the unit can be customized with contact or PWM output sensors.

The robust design includes a corrosion-resistant, cast-aluminum housing and a coated-steel mounting bracket. Brackets can be modified to meet different mounting requirements. Standard bent-steel lever rods can accommodate a variety of pedal placements, and a customized 3/16” steel plate lever is available for high static-load requirements.

WM542 - Electronic Suspended Pedal

The WM-542 Electronic Suspended Pedal is designed for on-highway vehicle applications.

The unit is equipped with a Hall-effect, non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). In addition, the unit can be customized with contact or PWM output sensors. The WM-542 is available with a nominal, 20° angular rotation.

The Throttle Control has a glass-filled nylon body and lever arm. The mounting bracket is made out of coated steel and can be customized for particular requirements.


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